Saturday, December 20, 2008

Look what the cat dragged home.

A popular frame swap for hot rods and ratrods is the S10 chassis. The frame comes in several lengths and is easy to shorten. Lowering kits and bags are readily available to change the stance. The 4*4 rear axle is the appropriate width for many old vehicles and you can use axle spacers for the front. The frame is strong and also easy for V8 swaps. Some kits are even made for gm trucks.

I wasn't going to use the frame I had with the truck (too big) so I was on the lookout for s10 chassis. I missed at on auction s10 which I still regret. 1989 Longbed with 50000 miles, formerly own by the City of Carson City. The hood realesed at highway speed and smashed the hood/window/cab. The truck sold for 800 dollars, but I didn't inspect the truck before the auction so i didn't bid.

Then I saw a truck on Craigslist a 1993 truck for 120 dollars. Entry price seems cheap enough, but what a truck. I gave a deposit on the truck and quickly regretted it. When 90% of the trucks at the junkyard are better...

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One redeeming thing about the was so hacked up the engine and trans was ready to pull. A few bed mounts and I pulled the bed. A few more bolts and I pulled the body...and the prize. An S10 frame. But ugh rust. I am not used to rust, but if I can avoid it I am never going to buy another rusty truck.


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Next out come the sawzall and grinder to remove the body mounts.

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