Friday, December 19, 2008

The Lucky Winner.

I had been following Craigslist for some time looking for Studebaker trucks. This resulted in several disappointments as the trucks were invariably sold before I had a chance at them. Then I was gone for a few weeks and when I got back I was surprised to find I had missed a whole slew of Studebaker truck adds. It actually took months from there to finally look at the trucks because of snow and difficulty meeting with the owner. By that time I had missed the good stuff, "you don't want to know" Russ replied when I asked hem what was already sold. Russ' recently deceased dad apparently had quite a collection and Russ and his brother were left trying to dispose of them. One of the more interesting trucks, already sold but still at the house was an extra cab dully with a Chevy 454. The bed had been widened and the hood was a tilt forward setup. Not my cup of tea, but interesting none the less. I contemplated purchasing the remaining 4 trucks and 2 better judgment allowed me to purchase just one truck.

The lucky winner...

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A 1954 3r no engine or trans on a Chevy 1 ton chassis for the sum of 300 dollars. The truck did have a title, bed and glass but was missing upholstery, and bumpers and the firewall was modified.

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The 1954 Studebaker truck is a rare transitional truck with a few parts that are specific to that year. Most notable the windshield is a 1 piece affair, instead of the earlier 2r, 2 piece flat windshields. The way Studebaker did this was interesting. In order to appear more modern they just bent the 1 piece window in the middle. Done...modern curved window. The grill is also a modification for the 2r grill. The hood is the earlier, more slanted (and better looking) shape, and the back window is small and flat. In 1955 the back window grew larger and was crowned. There is also something different about the firewall. I think the 1954 had the earlier firewall while the 1955 had the later firewall.

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Vin number decoding 3R5-12

3R5 - 1954 3R series.
12 - 112" Wheelbase with the short 6-1/2 foot bed.
R5 - 112025 The 3R5 started at 111401 and at 114000. My truck was number 623 off the line with a total production of 2599.

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