Thursday, December 18, 2008

My First Post.

I am starting this blog for a couple of reasons.

1) I have never used blogger before and I want to learn first hand about the "user experience".

2) I intend the content to be Studebaker specific, unlike my other web site and my social networking sites.

3) I want to chronicle the birth (or re-birth) of my Studebaker Truck hot rod.

4) Maybe I can help (and solicit help) from people involved in similar endeavors.

Why Rip and Thrash. Have you ever tried to come up with a name that is not taken? The name is how I feel at this moment in the project. My old Boss used to use the term when I was in the middle of a wiring project and everything looked like a mess, "Rip and Thrash." he would say. I knew where I was going but to onlookers, chaos. Maybe not the most descriptive for SEO but I think it will capture the spirit of the blog. Because the trucks I am starting with have seen "better days" (another passable blog name) I am not afraid to get in their and cut and grind and weld. Happy studebakering.

RipNThrash - Jason

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