Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free Chevy frame.

I am giving away the Chevy frame the Studebaker came on so I posted it on Craigslist.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Body Swap

I finally got a chance to work on the Studebaker truck again. I was able to remove the bed and cab from the 1 ton frame with the engine hoist, some chain, and some rope. Curse sloped driveways, I had visions chasing the cab and hoist down the street.

Seeing the cab on the ground keeps me thinking of airbags. But, I want to avoid the cost, complexity and energy usage this time around.
The front body mounts on the old frame. Stick welded even. This is an old school hack job, just like the firewall currently in the truck. The original owner of the truck had at least 6 projects like this (all Studebaker trucks) in various stages of completion. Sadly he died before he could complete them all.

Not the best picture, but the body is in place on the S10 frame via some wood 2X4 spacers. It looks like it will actually fit well and the mounts should be easy to design and make.

Next up...
Body mounts.
Move engine back?
Lengthen frame? or shorten bed.
Remove the floor of the bed.
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do we have transmission?

I have been reading up on the T5 transmission.


There is a log of great information on the HAMB summarized in this post.

The good news is I it looks like I have a World Class T5.

I have not verified it but I think my gear ratios are as follows.

1352-222, GM 1993 MY S-Truck 2.8L WC, R, 3.70, 3.97, 2.34, 1.48, 1.00, 0.72

For a v8 application it might be better to have slightly taller gears... but that will work. I can also do some calculations with rear end ratio (3.73) and tire size.
(But I am using the original v6 so I won't need to worry about that right?)

The bad news is I have an electric speedo. I need to convert the tailhousing to mechanical buy a converter box made by Cable X. It is $319.00 plus shipping. Ouch.

I also have thoughts of putting the T5 behind the Studebaker V8 I have. Dan Giblin makes a T5 Adapter. There is also some tech on that is here.

Or maybe I will use that ford 5.0 engine I have.

Too many options...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Studebaker Math

Add one rusty ebay 1952 Studebaker 2R truck.

Plus one wrecked Chevy S10.


I love this truck and blame Stude-Sled for the purchase of my S10 truck. Brian used the S10 chassis including the firewall and dash on this truck. With the S10 fuel injected 4 cylinder engine it gets good gas mileage in style. Using the S10 firewall he also increased his legroom from stock Studebaker.
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Removing the Body Mounts

The body mounts on the S10 frame are solid despite the ugly looking factory welds. This is the removal technique worked best for me.

The required tools:
Sledge Hammer
Cold Chisel

First I cut a horizontal cut with the Sawzall parallel with the frame but at a 45 degree angle to remove most of the mount. Then I hammered both of the sides inward, against the weld to attempt to crack the weld. Then I cold chiseled down the weld to remove the remaining sides. The final bits I attacked with the grinder. Not that difficult but I needed a break after each mount.


I pulled the other parts off the S10 that I might be using. The pedals and the master and slave cylinder.


In preparation for moving the cab I needed to work on the cherry picker. The cylinder was shot so I replaced it. The technique I plan on using is shown on a forum post in the H.A.M.B.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Studebaker Served Rat Rod Style.

Well, after a little break I am back. If you haven't noticed I have been posting content between inspiration. I don't know how long this format will continue but for now it seems to be working just fine.

Time for some more inspiration and for something different.

Is this a Rat Rod? I don't know, but it is pretty cool. While the truck started life as an earlier M series truck at least it is a Studebaker. The truck's builder posts on SDC forumMyspace and Youtube.


I love the Lone Wolf Plaque (Insert "Blades of Glory" quote).

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