Sunday, January 4, 2009

Removing the Body Mounts

The body mounts on the S10 frame are solid despite the ugly looking factory welds. This is the removal technique worked best for me.

The required tools:
Sledge Hammer
Cold Chisel

First I cut a horizontal cut with the Sawzall parallel with the frame but at a 45 degree angle to remove most of the mount. Then I hammered both of the sides inward, against the weld to attempt to crack the weld. Then I cold chiseled down the weld to remove the remaining sides. The final bits I attacked with the grinder. Not that difficult but I needed a break after each mount.


I pulled the other parts off the S10 that I might be using. The pedals and the master and slave cylinder.


In preparation for moving the cab I needed to work on the cherry picker. The cylinder was shot so I replaced it. The technique I plan on using is shown on a forum post in the H.A.M.B.

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