Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do we have transmission?

I have been reading up on the T5 transmission.


There is a log of great information on the HAMB summarized in this post.

The good news is I it looks like I have a World Class T5.

I have not verified it but I think my gear ratios are as follows.

1352-222, GM 1993 MY S-Truck 2.8L WC, R, 3.70, 3.97, 2.34, 1.48, 1.00, 0.72

For a v8 application it might be better to have slightly taller gears... but that will work. I can also do some calculations with rear end ratio (3.73) and tire size.
(But I am using the original v6 so I won't need to worry about that right?)

The bad news is I have an electric speedo. I need to convert the tailhousing to mechanical buy a converter box made by Cable X. It is $319.00 plus shipping. Ouch.

I also have thoughts of putting the T5 behind the Studebaker V8 I have. Dan Giblin makes a T5 Adapter. There is also some tech on that is here.

Or maybe I will use that ford 5.0 engine I have.

Too many options...

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